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this information is for guests:

At the fornello

You are a guest at Il Fornello! Welcome!

The fornellos basic idea is Coliving. A place for people staying longer periods of time, working and building community. This means that the property is first and foremost suited for that target audience.

When you are at the Fornello you will have a "host" that you can contact using WhatsApp during your stay.

If the host is not responding you can contact:

Stina: +46703626349 

Our facilities


Free to use


Your are welcome to borrow a bike at the fornello for shorter trips. We have 3 bikes and they are locked in a bike garage. If you plan on going out for more than 3-4 hours you need to make a reservation.

Outdoor kitchen

Free to use

Outdoor Kitchen

At the fornello we have an outdoor kitchen that you are welcome to use. It has a bbq, a simple stove, pizza oven and a lot of working areas. Kitchen equipment is for everyone and you are expected to wash your dishes after every use and clean the area to leave it nice for other guests.


Free to use

The laundry room

In the laundry room you can find a washing machine and a dryer. As a guest they are free to use. You can reserve a specific spot in a whiteboard calendar in the laundry room or just use it when it is free. Do not run the dryer and washing machine at the same time.