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Stina Haglund in an interview with Navjeet guest @ilfornellocoliving the summer of 2023 

Navjeet Is 55 years old, she was born in India, she has lived in Japan and when she is not at ilfornello she stays in London with her family. Navjeet is self-employed as an executive coach and she has taken the time at Ilfornello to have a vacation, invite friends and family over and to do some work. In fact she is planning to use the property for one of her courses later this fall. We like that!

Navjeet moved from India when she was 24 years old because her mom got a job in Japan. By then Navjeet had been studying science and math and had a degree in finance and marketing. Her English was already good since its seen as something very important in India. When they arrived in the UK she was employed as a director of a small consultancy firm and she learned about coaching and the concept of change. She also found a platform to help by working with youth criminals and during this time she also raised her two kids.  

The change from math, science and business into coaching and the more humanitarian side was a big shift for Navjeet. In that shift she did a lot of soul searching herself. As a coach the search is continuous and you always have a coach of your own to talk to. Both because the things you learn might be tuff to handle but also because the individual journey is ongoing and life long.

It is truly amazing to meet someone with the experiences that Navjeet have had during her life. The travel and life in different countries is truly mind widening and it is clear to me that I am talking to a very experienced person that has a lot to offer. We ended up discussing gender equality to quite some extent, Sweden being one of the most gender equal countries in the world and India seen as one of the least equal places. Surprisingly we had very similar experiences raising kids and trying to balance work and maternity. Some things seem to be global…

For her to stay at ilfornello have been away to get closer to nature. To have time to think and reflect, also to be a part of a community from all over the world. Before she knew about ilfornello she did not know about the concept of Coliving, she just knew that there was something special about Italy, about the history, the food and she was thinking about buying something small herself. She has loved every minute of the concept of connecting to the people to herself and to nature. “It is amazing how people are so different and still so like minded”.

Navjeet will return to ilfornello and we will love having her.

Localita Il Fornello 205, 06062, Citta della Pieve Italien
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