examples of crisis management 

Practice before it happens...

We are living in a world where we are becoming more and more aware of potential risks and crisis. It might be electricity or wifi not working. War or ransome ware. It might also be a communications crisis, maybe someone in the company did something that ends up on the front page. What do you do? Who else should act? How? 
Crisis management
  • Definition of Crisis: Understanding what constitutes a crisis in a business context.

  • Importance of Crisis Management: Discuss the impact of crises on operations, reputation, and finances.

  • Types of Crises: Natural disasters, technological failures, financial crises, PR disasters, and internal conflicts.

  • Risk Assessment: Identifying potential crises that could affect the business.

  • Crisis Management Plan: Developing a detailed plan that includes roles and responsibilities, communication strategies, and resource allocation.

  • Training and Preparedness: Implementing regular training sessions and drills for the management team and employees.

Effective Communication
  • Internal Communication: Ensuring all team members are informed and aligned.

  • External Communication: Preparing statements for customers, stakeholders, and the media.

  • Communication Channels: Utilizing various channels effectively (social media, press releases, internal memos).

  • Debriefing and Evaluation: Analyzing the crisis management process and outcomes.

  • Recovery Plan: Developing strategies to return to normal operations and repair any damage (reputational, financial).

  • Lessons Learned: Identifying improvements for the crisis management plan based on the experience.

Try it for "real"

Overview: To talk and plan is one thing, but when it happens - will we really do the right thing? This workshop creates a scenario - a crisis - that will effect your company. While you deal with it we closely monitor you and your team. After the dust settles we evaluate together and learn from the exercise.  

When a real crisis comes, you have a plan. 

  • Objective: To make the organization secure in being able to deal with different kind of crisis.