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Apartment 7


Let us tell you the story about some of the people who have stayed in this apartment and why they inspired us to name the room Coraggi.

Emma and Hermann, two young Swedish students who decided to travel to Italy and help us start Il Fornello Coliving. They spend one month decorating apartment 7. They did not have a car so they were hitchhiking to different flea markets. Together with the host at the time, a senior named Marcello they actually built some of the furniture. Emma also painted an amazing painting of the house. You can see it in the apartment. (Spring 2022) 

Rosane and Iris. Two remarkable women from Belgium. They first came to stay in apartment 7 summer 2022 after having had some difficult times. We got to know them during their month here and are completely amazed by their story. Two women, falling in love around 30 years ago when Rosane was still married to a man. The bravery it takes to make your own choices under those circumstances is truly inspiring and it takes a lot of coraggi. In the summer of 2023 they came back to celebrate 25 years if being married and in august 2023 they are the hosts @ilfornello. On the wall in apartment 7 is a picture of a Rose and an Iris to inspire bravery.  

The sound track of the room is the Italian song "Forza e coraggio