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A comfortable apartment for 2+1 persons.

It has a bedroom with slightly pink walls and a soft romantic touch. The apartment is on the bottom floor and has a beautiful view over the outdoor kitchen and yard. It has a living room with a sofa/bunk bed. The apartment is mainly decorated with reused and refurbished furniture except the beds that are brand new. The beds can be put together or drawn apart depending on your preferences. In the room there is glasses for water, wine and mugs for coffee/tea.

See a video walk-through and read more about the name Forza below.

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The story of Forza

Let us tell you the story about some of the people who have stayed in this apartment and why they inspired us and made us name this room Forza (power). 

A Swedish woman named Aurora painted the woman on the wall. The wall woman is named “Den Norrländska präriens gudinna” from a Swedish song about strong women. The name would translate to something like: The goddess from the northern prairie. Aurora herself is a very strong and brave woman, she holds a high position at work and when it comes to love she follows her heart and goes her own way.  

Our first summer, 2022 Natalia from Poland stayed in this apartment. She called herself “a gypsy with a cat called gypsie” because her family came from the romani people and she kept traveling. Natalia had been traveling for years and from what we can tell on Instagram she is still at it. She is one of those people you always remember. Secure, strong and a natural force. She was the one who named the old restaurant "the cave". 

The sound track of the room is the Swedish song "Den Norrländska präriens gudinna" about a strong and beautiful woman.